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 Privacy concerns mean that document shredding and disposal is crucial to maintaining a business. Identity theft is the number one type of fraud in America, so it’s important to protect your customers from dumpster diving criminals. In addition, privacy laws such as HIPPA, FACTA, and GLB mean that destroying sensitive documents protects your business from liability and lawsuits.

Shredding personal documents is also very important and protects your credit score from fraudulent purchases and credit lines you didn’t open. It only takes a few pieces of information to steal an identity, and it can take over a year to restore your credit score after your identity has been stolen.

Because privacy and protection are so important both at work and at home, Paper Recycling & Shredding Services provides document shredding in Ventura, CA, for residential and commercial customers.

Our Services

Paper Recycling & Shredding Services not only serves residential and commercial customers in the Ventura area, but we also provide the most thorough protection of sensitive materials possible. You can trust our professionals, as each employee is completely bonded and insured after an extensive background check.

In addition, our process minimizes human handling. We provide a security container at no charge to your home or business. When you call us for service, our Mobile Shred Unit shreds all your documents right at your own doorstep. When service is complete, you receive a “certificate of destruction” for your records. Your shredded documents are taken to a paper mill and recycled. We don’t use middle men, and your documents never sit in storage waiting to be destroyed.

Since pricing is by container, our shredding service offers a fixed cost—which means no surprises in your bill! We care about your time, so we offer same-day service, and we’re always professional and cost-effective. We always provide our service at a fair price and we’ll even beat a competitor’s written estimate by 20%.

We’re NAID AAA certified, meaning we provide the best in information protection, and our company can reduce your liability when dealing with legally protected information. You can trust us to protect your business with the highest level of protection. We’re simply the best shredding company in Ventura.

Need document shredding for your home or business? Give us a call 877-747-3372 and we’ll help you today.