NAID “AAA” Certification for Secure Onsite Shredding

64gallonYou know handing your sensitive information off to someone else to take care of is no small matter. When you need document shredding services, you want experienced employees and a trustworthy company.

Here at Paper Recycling & Shredding Specialists, we are bonded and fully insured. We are also NAID AAA” certified. This certification means you can have peace of mind knowing your documents are in safe hands.

What Is NAID?

NAID is the National Association for Information Destruction. NAID has set standards for the information destruction industry, including security document shredding.

What Is NAID “AAA” Certification?

AAA certification through NAID was developed by information security professionals. Government and private agencies around the world use and respect this program.

NAID AAA certification is a voluntary program for member companies. Being part of this program means companies participate in random, unannounced audits by NAID to make sure they are meeting specific standards.

Program audits inspect mobile and plant-based operations in printed media and paper.

NAID “AAA” program also helps information destruction organizations keep the multitude of laws and regulations established for document shredding services. These standards include the following:

FACTA Final Disposal: All consumer information is required to be destroyed before being discarded.exec_console

HIPAA: HIPPA has to do with personal health information. If misconduct by certain companies leads to a security breach, they can be subject to civil penalties. NAID helps protect consumers and reduce the risk of this for its certified vendors.

PCI Compliance: NAID AAA certification means its vendors follow media destruction specifications, such as:

  • Hard copy materials must be shredded with a crosscut, pulped, or burned so that they can’t be put back together.
  • Storage containers that hold information to be destroyed must be secured.

The NAID AAA Certification program also includes a three-level background check on all employees.

What Does NAID “AAA” Certification Mean for You?

Working with an NAID AAA certified company like Paper Recycling & Shredding Specialists means you can trust you’ll receive totally secure onsite shredding services. Since we voluntarily undergo thorough, unannounced audits, you know our processes are constantly scrutinized and we meticulously adhere to all standards and laws.

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